Monday, September 5, 2016

The difference between davening Shacharit and Mussaf on R"h and Y"k

After leading Musaf on 2nd Day R"h last year in the main minyan, the gabbaim have rotated the NF to Shacharit Y"k. While the NF doesn't really mind, other baalei tefilla really don't like doing a shacharit and much prefer mussaf. The NF, who led shacharit this past Shabbat-Rosh Chodesh, tried to explain why to one of the gabbaim ---

My logic, Shacharit on the yamim noraim is like אל אדון while mussaf is hallel. The gabbai didn't get it. So the NF continued --- at אל אדון  the shul is only 60% full, no one is awake yet and no is in the mood to sing so the chazzan has a lot of work to do. In contrast, by הלל, the shul is 95% full and as long as you sing something normal, it is very easy to get the crowd going.


Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog! Love your comedic timing, and your way with words. Gmar Chatima Tova from Toronto!

Alan Partridge said...

YK shacharit is a struggle because no one knows the words so you sing everything by yourself. Halfway through Imru lelokim I've had enough

sonia alefbetka said...

Granted that a lot of people aren't in the mood on the yomim noraim to sing Shacharit. Consequently the baal tefilah has "a lot of work to do" and when Alan is singing by himself, he has to "struggle" to get through to the end. Avodah is work. So move us already, wake us slugs up. It has been known to happen. When it happens, especially on the high holidays, it's a mechayah. More than a mere pleasure, it's as the shoresh says: it brings us (back) to life.