Thursday, September 27, 2012

0 for 5

No Golden Shtenders were given out over Yom Kippur.
The older gentlemen leading Kol Nidrei wasn't my cup of tea, Baal Shacharit had a nice voice but poor nusach and melody selection, Baal Musaf was alright until he used Fiddler on the roof for וכל מאמינים (GONG!). Baal mincha used this kaddish to start and then again as his victory kaddish. Enough said.
....and then the older gentlemen who had led kol nidrei led Neilah using the geshem nusach. Gong. and then he sang more or less everything to this melody. Double Gong.  All in all it was an easy fast but the davening left us feeling a bit wanting.


deitch said...

That, dear sir, is what you get for actually letting Dr D out of town for YK. Next time, impound his passport!

labbygail said...

Hi, I found your blog while I was looking for recordings of the nusach for Neilah. It makes me feel better about the terrible davenning at my shul, to know that other shuls can be just as bad. I occasionally make mistakes in nusach, like accidentally slipping into the wrong nusach (although in my defense, it was 7:45pm toward the end of the fast), but at least I try to get it right. Have a good shabbat and a good new year.